Cryptocurrency: Cardiff terrorist Khuram Iqbal jailed for trading Posted 3 days ago

A convicted terrorist has been jailed for 16 months for his cryptocurrency trading on the dark web.

Khuram Iqbal, 29, from Cardiff, was originally imprisoned in 2014 for three years and three months for spreading terrorist publications and possessing terrorist information.

He was released on leave in May 2015, but returned to jail in 2016.

Iqbal violated a 10-year notification order by failing to report two cryptocurrency accounts to the police.

He pleaded guilty to four offenses between July 2019 and August this year and appeared at the Old Bailey to be sentenced by Judge Sweeney.

The defendant had originally been jailed after having copies of Al Qaida Inspire magazine.

Iqbal made 848 posts about violent jihad on six Facebook and Twitter accounts in 2013 using the name Abu Irhaab, which in Arabic means “father of terrorism.”

On Tuesday, the court heard that he had traded cryptocurrencies through an account on the online platform Coinbase.

Between November 10, 2017 and March 20, 2021 there were 392 transactions with almost £ 12,000 deposited.

In January 2020, Iqbal conducted three Bitcoin transactions on a dark web site used to sell stolen credit card credentials.

Coinbase issued a suspicious activity report that prompted a police investigation.

Dark web
In August this year, the police searched the defendant’s address in Kings Road, Cardiff, and seized Iqbal’s mobile phone.

An examination of the device revealed cryptocurrency applications, as well as a browser that allows access to the dark web.

Interviewed by police, Iqbal said he was trading cryptocurrencies, but denied using the dark web.

Prosecutor Paul Jarvis said: “The nature of cryptocurrency is that it is untraceable, so the reality is that it was in a position to operate two email addresses and two crypto accounts under the radar of the police.”

He said there did not appear to be any “legal reason” for the transactions.

Judge Sweeney rejected the defense’s claim that the violations were not deliberate or had no meaning on the obscure website.
He told the defendant: “The very nature of cryptocurrency is that it is untraceable and, in the end, with its emails and cryptocurrency accounts below the surface, it was able to conduct in numerical terms a considerable amount of cryptocurrency trading under it. radar of the requirements in circumstances where that should not have been the case. ”

The judge sentenced Iqbal to 16 months in prison with a further year of extended leave.

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